Custom Resurfacing Designs

Think Different, Think Custom

All products must be applied to Avista's manufacturer's specification and have regular maintenance. This Warranty is limited to the failure or damage resulting in the substrate being faulty. The construct of any supporting substrate, using the driveway or pathway for any other purpose than for light-traffic residential use and/or exceeding the design traffic loads applicable to the pavement construction, damage or discoloration or stains caused by external agents or materials, accident, defective sub-grades, movement of the sub-base/ground, concrete cracking, fire, flood, earthquake or other act of God, or the performance of any sealer materials than Avista used in conjunction with Avista Products for which no guarantee is or can be given. All warranty must be made in righting for any warranty claim to be considered. This warranty is between Custom Resurfacing Designs and the pavement owner conditional upon full payment for the work.